5/23 – United States of Bass at Santo’s Party House in Brooklyn


Driving down from Boston in the AM.  2 legit to miss.  USOB



This Wednesday 1.9.13 >>> HEKTIK SOUND @ O’BRIEN’S

Music n video by Donovan Sharp & No Requests all night long. <<SEE YOU THERE>>

Wed 11/21 – Hektik Sound at O’Brien’s – $5!!!

HEKTIK SOUND (MEDALLION + NO REQUESTS) inaugural night at O’Brien’s in Allston.  See you there!

Thurs 9.27 AS BUILT PResents: Lube, Sneeze, Luau @O’Brien’s

This is going down tomorrow night at O’Brien’s in Allston.

3 Killer local bands with Hektik Sound playing grooves throughout for $5! Don’t miss out!!

Listen to a sampler of music from the bands at the AS BUILT Bandcamp There’s also a facebook event.

Sneeze – http://sneezeus.bandcamp.com/
Lube – http://lube.bandcamp.com/
Luau – music.badnewshotel.com/

O’Brien’s – 3 Harvard Ave, Allston MA 02134

MEDALLION – Golden Nugget EP (Hektik Sound 003)

Been dropping a new track on bandcamp every few days for the last week.  The first track “Happy Hands” will go live sometime today.

<a href=”http://medallion.bandcamp.com/album/golden-nugget-ep” mce_href=”http://medallion.bandcamp.com/album/golden-nugget-ep”>Golden Nugget EP by MEDALLION</a>

These are all 2008 – 09 tunes that I planned to release at the time, but due to a hard drive crash, lost the stems to Bonsai and a few others.  Now accompanied by some dope artwork by my friend DVVD!!!



Tropical Life Mix 006>> MEDALLION (May 2012) >> DOWNLOAD


For those who didn’t get to catch AG back in March, lament no more.  This will surely be a banger.  FOOTCRAB in FULL EFFECT!!!


Here’s a lil blurb from the fbook page

+ ADDISON GROOVE (50 Weapons/Swamp 81/Tectonic, UK) +

You may know him as Headhunter, or you may know him for his current project Addison Groove, but for those of you unfamiliar with Tony Williams, get ready to meet one of the titans of the UK Bass music world. In a few short years, Williams has become an important producer in what is now generally termed “bass music”—the umbrella term for the innumerable mutations of dubstep, drum & bass, UK funky, bassline, grime, what-have-you. While—until recently—he has lacked an identifiable big hit, his precise, techy dubstep sound struck an estimable chord with a generation of dubstep producers, particularly those nestled in the west coast of the United States. On top of that, he’s worked with seemingly everyone willing to have him, with collaborations and remixes all over the map, and has released on nearly every identifiable UK label, from Hessle Audio, to Tempa, Ascension, and his own label Transistor.”

Also on the bill are Wheez-ie and General Motor b2b Zola

450 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge (inside Moksa)
Wednesday, April 25, 2012
10p – 2a
21+ / $10


TOMORROW Wednesday 4.4 DJ RASHAD @ Goodlife – TOGETHER

Over the course of the next 3 days Boston will see some premier talent come through its veins via the annual TOGETHER electronic music fest.  Big ups to Wayne, DJ Flack, and Beat Research for putting on this banger and the whole 2Gether  crew for putting together another solid line up and making the magic happen once again.

Tomorrow night juke linchpin DJ Rashad will hit Goodlife with a legendary set and a straight lesson for most in the audience.  If you don’t know, now’s your chance!!!  No excuses!  I’ll be the kid sitting in a lawn chair. No wub wubs in sight, just how I like it.

Let the 3 days of bass weight commence!!

Thurs – Starkey and Falty DL at Great Scott

Friday – Mala at Goodlife

AS BUILT PResents Boston & Beyond SXSW Sampler 2012

Hot off the press!!  The third edition in the Boston & Beyond sampler series I started doing for SXSW in 2010.  It features 20 new and unreleased tracks from the bands we’re working with, the bands that played the AS BUILT x Valhalla SXSW showcase, and artists currently making waves in the Boston music scene.  Unreleased tracks from Sneeze, Viva Viva, Soft Pyramids, Future Carnivores, Be Wives.  Discover something new and check em out when they hit your area.


  1. Soft Pyramids – Vaalbara
  2. Girlfriends – Big Machines
  3. Appomattox – Radiator
  4. Linear Downfall – Amnesia That You Remember
  5. Guillermo Sexo – Color The Noise
  6. The Living Kills – Standing Still
  7. New Highway Hymnal – Blackened Hands
  8. Viva Viva – Hailing a Cab in Hell
  9. Sneeze – Brainage Pipe
  10. Soccer Mom – Celebrity Unrest
  11. Speedy Ortiz – Swim Team
  12. Streight Angular – Everyone is Syncopated
  13. Future Carnivores – What’s Unbelievable
  14. Night Fruit – Dark Horse
  15. Finn Riggins – Benchwarmers
  16. Ghost Box Orchestra – Vanished
  17. Be Wives – Pacifico
  18. The Grownup Noise – Anthem for Second Place
  19. The Wandas – Forever and Ever
  20. Mount Peru – Juliana

Stream on Bandcamp HERE